A network of 82 Assemblies of God churches across Montana.

Church Directory

Our list of Montana Assemblies of God churches.

The Montana District Council is a network of 85 Assemblies of God churches across the state of Montana. It is the mission of the District Office and staff to develop relationships with local church leaders, providing them with strategic vision, training and resources to build biblically functioning, Spirit-led churches.


Gateway Christian Fellowship

Tel: (406) 563-3534
Email: info@gatewaymt.com
PO Box 1117
Anaconda MT 59711-1117
Senior Pastor: Phil Masters


Tel: (406) 778-3785
Email: info@bakerassembly.com
PO Box 1020
Baker MT 59313-1020
Senior Pastor: Rod Kilsdonk
Staff: Joe Epley


Christian Assembly

Tel:  (406) 388-6014
Email:  bca@spirit.org
Fax:  (406) 388-6014
103 E. Cascade Avenue, Belgrade MT 59714-4104
Senior Pastor: John Godfrey


Bigfork Chapel

Tel: (406) 837-6087
Email: church_office@bigforkchapel.org
290 Swan Hwy., Bigfork MT 59911
Senior Pastor: Richard Stewart
Church Staff: Nicolas & Summer Van Oort


Chapel of Hope

Tel: (406) 256-2328
Email: info@billingshope.com
2425 Highway 87 East, Billings MT 59101-6636
Senior Pastor: Rick Grieve
Church Staff: Nolan Wahl

Freedom Church

Tel: (406) 652-1240
Email: info@billingsfreedomchurch.com
550 32nd Street W., Billings MT 59102-4402
Senior Pastor: Gail Craig
Church Staff: Co-Pastor: Penna J. Craig, Associate Pastor: Kevin Casterline, Early Childhood Pastor: Stacie Casterline, Student Ministries Pastor: Drew E. Craig

Parkhill Church

Tel: (406) 259-7294
Email: info@parkhillchurch.net
1707 Parkhill Drive, Billings MT 59102-2358
Senior Pastor: Jon Warneke
Staff: Andy Manley


Assembly of God
Tel:  (406) 225-3841
Email:  duane@boulderassemblyofgod.com
PO Box 572, Boulder, MT 59632-0572
Senior Pastor:  Duane Weinmeister


Christian Center

Tel: (406) 587-9283
Em: info@bozemanchristiancenter.org
921 W Mendenhall St, Bozeman, MT 59715-3349
Lead Pastor:  Lance Steeves
Church Staff: Phil & Melody Hoover, Missy Grinnell, Patrick Hern, David Alexieff

Connect Church

Tel: (406) 600-8511
Email: info@connectchurchonline.com
549 Pronghorn Trail, Bozeman, MT 59719
Senior Pastor: Russ Michaels
Church Staff: Shoni Dykstra


Tel: (406) 436-2114
Email: BroadusAG@agchurches.org
16 US Hwy 212 East
PO Box 574
Broadus, MT 59317-0574
Senior Pastor: Ken Beauchene


Four Winds Assembly of God
Tel:  (406) 338-3077,  Fax:  (406) 338-7210
PO Box 1991, Browning, MT 59417-1991
Pastor:  Joel Toppen


Telephone: (406) 592-3592
PO Box 86
Busby MT 59016-0086
Senior Pastor: Doug Jessen


Journey Church

Tel:  (406) 723-5543
Email:  info@buttechurch.com
2055 Florence Avenue, Butte MT 59701-6028
Senior Pastor: Randy Lindgren
Church Staff: Ted Farabee, Troy King


Canyon Life Church

PO Box 123
Cascade, MT 59421
Tel:  (406)  468-5064
Pastor Mark Nelsen


Tel:  (406) 759-5692
Email:  chesterassembly@gmail.com
Box 440, Chester MT 59522
Senior Pastor:  Brendan Van Wagner
Church Staff: Dan Frederickson


Tel:  (406) 357-2425
Email:  info@transformchinook.com
PO Box 789, Chinook MT 59523-0789
Lead Pastor:  Josh Seymour
Staff:  Kristi  Seymour, Children’s Pastor


New Life Community Church

Tel:  (406) 466-2303
Email:  nlcchoteau@3rivers.net
PO Box 97, Choteau, MT 59422-0097
Senior Pastor: Michael Manuel
Church Staff: Dan Sand, Rock and Janeil Perkins


Faith Assembly of God

Tel:  (406) 485-3347
PO Box 144, Circle, MT 59215-0144
Lead Pastor:  Jeremy Kluck


Life’s Journey Christian Fellowship

Tel:  (406) 748-3610
PO Box 1915, Colstrip, MT 59323

Columbia Falls

Journey Church

Tel: (406) 730-5884
Email: journeychurchcf@yahoo.com
PO Box 357, Columbia Falls, MT 59912
Senior Pastor: Randy Knight (406) 730-5884



Tel: (406) 322-5702
132 N. Pratten Street
PO Box 187, Columbus, MT 59019
Co-Lead Pastors: Tim and Sybil Peterson
Church Staff: Contrella Peterson



Abundant Life Christian Center

Tel: (406) 271-3937
Email: conradabundantlife@live.com
1 South Maryland, Conrad MT 59425
Senior Pastor: Larry Goyette

New Life Fellowship

Tel:  (406) 271-3303
106 S. Delaware, Conrad MT 59425
Email:  newlifeconrad@gmail.com
Senior Pastor: Dale Janzen

Cut Bank

Tel: (406) 873-4393
Email: info@cutbankassembly.com
202 1st Street SE
PO Box 849, Cut Bank MT 59427-0849
Intermin Pastor until Lead Pastor is hired:  Ed and Janet Vainio

Deer Lodge

Tel: (406) 846-1056
Email: pastordaviddlag@gmail.com
601 5th St, Deer Lodge MT 59722-1519
Senior Pastor: David Baker


Tel: (406) 683-4689
PO Box 107
Dillon, MT 59725-0107
Email:  dillonassem@gmail.com
Senior Pastor:  James Matthew



Tel:  (406) 682-4197
PO Box 705, Ennis MT 59729-0705
Lead Pastor: Greg Ledgerwood
Staff:  Chris and Bliss Benedict


Beyond the Cross

Tel:  (406) 589-4107
Email:  eurekaag@gmail.com
1813 US Hwy 93N, Eureka MT 59917
Senior Pastor: Jeff Watters


Tel:  (406) 467-2713,  Fax:  (406) 453-1844
PO Box 503, Fairfield MT 59436-0503
Senior Pastor: Mike Manuel


Tel:  (406) 356-2632
Email:  tworevs@yahoo.com
Box 752, Forsyth MT 59327
Lead Pastor: Daniel Sand


West Valley Assembly

Tel: (406) 626-0300
Email: info@westvalleyassembly.org
16600 Beckwith St. Suite 1, Frenchtown, MT 59834
Senior Pastor: Russ Allaway


Tel:  (406) 228-2694,
Email:  rocksolidyouth@hotmail.com
PO Box 447, Glasgow MT 59230-0447
Senior Pastor: Tom Fauth


Tel:  (406) 377-5161
Email:  gldvassem@midrivers.com
921 S. Taylor, Glendive MT 59330-2242
Lead Pastor:  Kevin Peterson

Great Falls

Central Assembly of God

Tel: (406) 453-5524
Email: billb@central-assembly.com
2001 Central, Great Falls MT 59401-3908
Senior Pastor: Bill Ballance
Church Staff: Mary Ann Ballance, Kelly Kirschman, Josh Jensen, Robbie Robertson

Connect Church

Tel:  (406) 600-8511
Lead Pastor:  Bob Fick

Northwest Family Fellowship

Tel: (406) 727-6933
Email: office@nwff.org
300 23rd Avenue NE, Great Falls MT 59404
Senior Pastor: Robert McLeod
Church Staff: Mark & Nancy Jones, Family Pastor; Josh and Sarah Trosper, Youth and Young Adults Pastor; Jennifer Steffani, Children’s Ministry; Bruce & Deb Steffani, Preschool Ministry.


Tel: (406) 363-2510
601 W. Main, Hamilton MT 59840-2466
Senior Pastor: John D. Weaver
Staff:  Jeremy Eisele


Tel:  (406) 353-2303
PO Box 907, Harlem MT 59526
Senior Pastor:  Melissa and Jackson Henry


Faith Chapel

Tel:  (406) 632-4866
Email: chapel@itstriangle.com
PO Box 203, Harlowton MT 59036-0203
Lead Pastor: Jerrod Williams


Tel: (406) 265-5803
Email: havreag@mtintouch.net
905 9th St West, Havre, MT 59501
Senior Pastor: Edroy “Curt” Curtis II
Church Staff: Bob Kaftan


Tel:  (406) 673-3455
PO Box 130, Hays MT 59527-0130
Senior Pastor: Amelia Fulton


First Assembly

Tel: (406) 442-6851
Email: info@helenafirstassembly.com
2210 Dodge Avenue, Helena MT 59601-0838
Senior Pastor: Paul Feuerstein
Church Staff: Paul Goodman Sr., Doug Greenman

Bridge Assembly

Tel: (406) 442-8523
Email: nagoffice01@gmail.com
725 Granite Ave., Helena MT 59601-1300
Lead Pastor:  Jason Metz
Church Staff:  Bob Vande Sandt

Hungry Horse

Hungry Horse Chapel

Tel: (406) 387-5807
Email: info@hungryhorsechapel.com
PO Box 190038, Hungry Horse MT 59919-0038
Senior Pastor: Brent Schmidt
Staff: Jeremy Downing


Tel:  (406) 557-6140
Email:  gawwolff@gmail.com
PO Box 324, Jordan MT 59337-0324
Senior Pastor:  Greg Wolff


Canvas Church

Tel: (406) 752-6426
Email: office@canvaschurch.net
255 Summit Ridge Dr, Kalispell MT 59901-2593
Lead Pastor: Kevin Geer
Church Staff: Mary Kay Wilson, Phill Christiansen, Jon Endresen, Josh Wood, Nathan Kelleher, Phil Wilson


Family Church

Tel: (406) 628-4200
Email: info@familychurchlaurel.com
1002 3rd Avenue, Laurel MT 59044-2027
Senior Pastor: John Farnes
Church Staff: Patsy Taylor, Guy & Misty Warner, Tim and Denise Warner


New Life Assembly

Tel: (406) 535-7095
Email: info@lewistownnewlife.org
515 7th Ave N, Lewistown, MT 59457
Senior Pastor: Ken Loss
Church Staff: Nathan Goodin


Tel: (406) 293-8331
Email: info@libbychurch.com
105 Collins Ave, Libby MT 59923-2526
Senior Pastor: Kevin Lindgren
Church Staff: Dave Ginther


Christian Center

Tel: (406) 222-3144
Email: info@livingstonchristiancenter.com
1400 Mount Baldy Drive, Livingston MT 59047-4000
Senior Pastor: Duane Huie
Church Staff: Carol Oberquell


Tel:  (406) 673-3724
HC 63 Box 5248, Dodson MT 59524-9604


Tel:  (406) 654-2396
Email:  maltaag@mtintouch.net
PO Box 1399, Malta MT 59538
Lead Pastor:  James Fercho 

Miles City

Lighthouse Christian Center

Tel: (406) 234-5559
Email: pdfree4him@midrivers.com
3300 Horizon Pkwy, Miles City MT 59301-5853
Senior Pastor: Daniel Barber
Church Staff: Terry Sgrignoli, Joshua Barnhart


Christian Life Center

Email: info@missoulachurch.com
Tel: (406) 542-0353, Fax: (406) 543-6782
3801 S. Russell Street, Missoula MT 59801-8524
Senior Pastor: David Phillips
Church Staff: Jim Hicks, Steve Flatau, Jeret Lockhart and Joey Taylor

New Life Worship Center

Email: info@missoulanewlife.com
Tel: (406) 549-2141
1714 South Reserve St., Missoula MT 59801
Lead Pastor:  Kris Richardson


Church On The Move

Tel: (406) 826-3800
Email: resent1042@live.com
Box 767, Plains MT 59859-0767
Senior Pastor: Chuck Standeford
Church Staff: Renee Sinclair, Ken Saner


Tel: (406) 765-2991
Email: bgsmithson@hotmail.com
426 W. First Avenue, Plentywood MT 59254-1803
Senior Pastor: Brandon Smithson


New Life Church

Tel: (406) 883-2447
Email: office@newlifepolson.com
1414 Second Street West, Polson MT 59860-3411
Lead Pastor: Chriss Sopke
Church Staff: Christian Bumgarner, Jason Burrough, Stephen & Tammy Doll, Jay Gallatin, and Pam Kinzle


Tel: (406) 448-2250
Email: jay_cummins@yahoo.com
PO Box 1087, Poplar MT 59255-1087
Senior Pastor: Jay Cummins


Mountain Crow Worship Center

Tel: (406) 248-7295
PO Box 266, Pryor MT 59066-0266
Email: mountaincrowchurch@yahoo.com
Senior Pastor: Jay Simpson

Red Lodge

Rock Creek Church

Tel: 406-425-3350
PO Box 365, Red Lodge, MT 59068
Email: joelkrise@yahoo.com
Senior Pastor: Joel Krise

Rocky Boy

Living Water

Tel: (406) 395-5385
Route 1, Box 500, Box Elder MT 59521


Spirit of God Ministries

Tel: (406) 253-6951
511 lst Avenue SE, Ronan MT 59864
Senior Pastor: Dean Buffalo


Harvest Assembly

Tel: (406) 527-3298
Cel: (406) 527-7142
PO Box 113, Saco MT 59261
Senior Pastor: Patrick Bland


Tel: (406) 487-2603
Email: info@scobeyassembly.com
Box 729, Scobey MT 59263-0727
Senior Pastor: Mike Hammerly


New Life Community Church

Tel: (406) 424-8079
Email: info@shelbynewlife.com
111 Galatin Street, Shelby MT 59474-1676
Senior Pastor: Fred Brown


Valley Assembly

Tel: (406) 842-5845
Email: nbcfsheridan@gmail.com
PO Box 637, Sheridan MT 59749-0637
Senior Pastor: Duane Deshner


Tel: (406) 433-2550
Email: sidneyag@midrivers.com
414 E. Main, Sidney MT 59270
Senior Pastor: Les Anderson

St. Ignatius

Cornerstone Faith Center

Tel: (406) 745-3455
Email: info@cornerstonefaithcenter.com
PO Box 578, St Ignatius MT 59865-0578
Senior Pastor: Lynn Lapka
Staff: JP Thomas


Light of the Valley

Tel: (406) 777-5859
Email: office@lightofthevalleyag.com
103 N. Kootenai Creek Road, Stevensville MT 59870-6408
Senior Pastor: Billy Donaldson


Tel: (406) 822-5683
PO Box 577, Superior MT 59872-0577
Lead Pastor: Rick Lewis

Em:  lobonmate71@blackfoot.net

Thompson Falls

Gospel Mountain

Tel: (406) 827-4611
Email: kristidenson@jesusanswers.com
PO Box 1029, Thompson Falls MT 59873-1029
Senior Pastor: Charles Denson

Three Forks

Christian Center

Tel: (406) 285-4305
Email: mtcharlie406@aol.com
PO Box 1108, Three Forks MT 59752-1108
Senior Pastor: Charles Christensen


Christian Fellowship

Tel: (406) 442-6851
122 Broadway, Townsend MT 59644


Troy Assembly of God

Tel: (406) 295-4758
Email: tmeroney55@msn.com
PO Box 488, Troy MT 59935-0488
Senior Pastor: Terry Meroney


Tel: (406) 765-1115
613 Sunnyside Ave., Plentywood, MT 59254
Pastor:  John Marmon


Tel: (406) 862-4039
Email: aog@whitefishaog.com
P. O. Box 1540
Whitefish MT 59937 

Physical Address:
150 Lamb Lane
Whitefish, MT  59937
Senior Pastor: Shawn Madsen
Church Staff: Ryan & Carrie Bennett, Roy & Devona McDaniel, Nick & Megan Clark


Tel: (406) 287-3095
PO Box 1076, Whitehall MT 59759-0576
Senior Pastor: William Lanes
Staff:  Steven Ellis


Calvary Temple

Tel: (406) 796-2390
Email: ctwibaux@hotmail.com
Box 399, Wibaux MT 59353
Pastor:  David Fisher

Wolf Point

Assembly of God

Tel: (406) 653-1732
Email: wpaog@yahoo.com
616 4th Avenue N., Wolf Point MT 59201-1309
Senior Pastor: Tony Sifuentes