A network of 82 Assemblies of God churches across Montana.

Women’s Ministries

WM Mission Statement:

Encouraging and Equipping EVERY WOMAN to discover and develop her uniqueness in service as a follower of Jesus.


Sandi Lanes, Director:

PO Box 1043
Whitehall, MT 59759
(406) 560-2407
Email:  o2chim2407@yahoo.com

WM Executive Leadership Team

Lois Warneke, Superintendent’s wife
Tel:  (406) 799-8533   Email:  warneke@peoplepc.com

Holly Fredrickson
Tel:  (406) 749-0417   Email: holly@frederickson-farms.com

Shantel Broadhead
Tel:  (406) 208-9266  Email:  broadheads@live.com

WM Leadership Team

Communications Director
Kristi Williams
Tel:  (406) 431-7478  Email:  kristijoywill@hotmail.com

Administrative Assistant
Bonnie Himes
Tel:  (406) 533-9395  Email:  bnnhms7@gmail.com

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